Tesla at Niagara Museum

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( 2015 ) view of western side of Adams Transformer House, photo by Andrea Megan

Our 2015 Mission Statement

The mission of Tesla at Niagara Museum is to establish a world-class museum and tourist destination in Niagara Falls, New York that showcases the life and work of world-renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, and preserves the history of the Edward Dean Adams Power Plant.

The Tesla at Niagara Museum board of trustees and membership are dedicated to promoting the historic importance of Nikola Tesla’s life and his far-reaching work here in Niagara Falls, New York. We hope to educate the public on Tesla’s scientific ideas and contributions to AC (alternating current) and the continuing story of hydroelectricity as a clean and environmentally friendly source of energy.


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The 1895 Adams Power Plant in Niagara Falls, New York

We are committed to and support the idea of restoring and preserving the Edward Dean Adams Transformer House located on Buffalo Avenue in the city of Niagara Falls, New York. This registered, national historic building is the last and only remaining building from the original 1895 hydroelectric power plant.

It is also our hope to someday display the Frano Krsinic sculpture of Nikola Tesla permanently at this National Historic site.

Our final plan of action includes the transformation of the Adams building into a world-class public science and history museum. A museum with archival storage areas, exhibition spaces, and rooms for science and history education. The growing membership of Tesla at Niagara Museum will forever be dedicated to promoting the historic legacy of Nikola Tesla’s life, the continuing story of hydro-technology and the many historical events related to these important subjects.


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